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The Alchemy Journey (Holistic Reset)

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The Alchemist Journey to a greater you! Overcome your limiting beliefs Get step-by-step Holistic tools to heal yourself Get clarity on your life's purpose Connect and develop your greater self A journey to understand and balance all layers to become a more whole you. Includes: Online videos with theory about various holistic principles Online Journal practices to create clarity Step-by-step to-do's to get yourself into action Holistic tools & methodologies to assist you with each step An online Community to support each other Online support for weekly questions regarding your progress This journey will cover all holistic layers of ourselves: mental, physical, emotional, energetic & spiritual. I want you to have all of the tools to get a greater understanding of who you are and empower you to go after what you are meant to be in this life. Combining modern scientific methods and more ancient scientific method, this course has an interdisciplinary approach to health & wellness. Body, mind and soul are seen as intrinsically linked. This course uses a fun no-nonense approach with easy to follow steps to make sure everybody can get as much out of it as possible. Designed to give you a broad basis of theory and tools, it is a comprehensive yet simple to. follow program that can change your mind, body & soul trajectory. Are you ready to become an Alchemist?

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The Alchemy Journey (Holistic Reset)

The Alchemy Journey (Holistic Reset)

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