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Failover of the management server in a resource pool that supports monitoring of a workload ensures high availability and fault tolerance. In the earlier versions of Operations Manager, when a primary management server fails and another management server takes over the role of the primary management server in the pool, the existing monitor-based alerts in Operations Manager are closed. New alerts are created for the same condition. In deployments where Operations Manager is integrated with an incident management system, these new alerts lead to the creation of new tickets or incidents.


The Datadog Agent is open source software that collects metrics, request traces, logs, and process data from your ECS environment, and sends this information to Datadog. The Agent runs inside your ECS cluster, gathering resource metrics as well as metrics from containerized web servers, message brokers, and other services.

A relational database engine that combines the speed and reliability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. Deliver up to 5x the throughput of standard MySQL running on the same hardware. Learn more

Whenever any event (configuration change, login, logout)happens in the system that has to be logged in the accounting server,auditd will be notified about that event. The daemon that notifiesauditd about the event writes the event message to a socket and auditdwill read from the socket. After reading the message from the socket,auditd will process the event and send the message to the accountingserver for logging. A crash occurs when the auditd reads the eventmessage from the socket. Error that is returned while reading is EAGAIN,which means Resource temporarily unavailable. It means currently thereis no data to read. When read operation fails, the process is abortedand a core file is generated. PR1222493

When the NTP server address is configured in Routing Instancetable and reachable from inet.0 by static configuration (for example,by configuring static/route/next-table/VRF.inet.0), and NTP source-addressis configured, the ntpd (the Network Time Protocol daemon runningon NTP client) might pick the wrong source-address instead the configuredsource-address. As a result, NTP server cannot reply the NTP packetback. PR1150005

On MX Series platform, when using the 64-bit image, ifthe configuration statement "source-address" is configured for the"radius-server" as the following, the RADIUS request may not be sentto RADIUS server due to the failure of setting the "source-address"on the device. user@re0> show configuration system radius-server .. source-address; 041b061a72


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