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Download The Daily Life of the Immortal King S1: The Hilarious Adventures of a Superpowered Teen

Download Daily Life of Immortal King S1

If you are looking for a fun and exciting anime series that combines comedy, action, fantasy, and romance, you might want to check out Daily Life of the Immortal King. This Chinese anime, also known as Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo, is based on a popular web novel by Kuxuan. It tells the story of Wang Ling, a young wizard who has to hide his extraordinary powers and live as an ordinary high school student. However, his peaceful life is constantly disrupted by various supernatural threats and challenges. In this article, we will give you an overview of the plot, characters, episodes, reviews, and streaming services for Daily Life of the Immortal King season 1. We will also show you how to download the episodes legally and enjoy them offline.

download daily life of immortal king s1

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The Plot of Daily Life of the Immortal King S1

The first season of Daily Life of the Immortal King consists of 15 episodes that cover the first arc of the web novel. The anime follows Wang Ling as he enrolls in Zhen Qi High School, a prestigious institution that trains young cultivators to harness their spiritual force. Wang Ling is not an ordinary student; he is actually a prodigy who defeated a powerful demon king at age 6. However, he does not want to attract attention or cause trouble with his overwhelming abilities. Therefore, he uses various methods to suppress his power and act like a normal teenager. He also wears a mask to conceal his face from others.

Despite his efforts to blend in, Wang Ling's life is full of surprises and adventures. He meets Sun Rong, a cheerful and energetic girl who has a crush on him and is also a talented cultivator. He also befriends Chen Chao, a loyal and humorous guy who is good at hacking and making vitality pills. Together, they face various challenges from their schoolmates, teachers, rivals, enemies, and even their own families. They also encounter many strange and hilarious situations that test Wang Ling's patience and skills. Along the way, Wang Ling learns more about himself, his past, his destiny, and his feelings.

The Characters of Daily Life of the Immortal King S1

Wang Ling

Wang Ling is the protagonist of the anime. He is a genius cultivator who has reached the peak of cultivation at a young age. He has a calm and indifferent personality, but he also cares about his friends and family. He is very good at hiding his power and pretending to be weak, but he sometimes reveals his true strength when he is provoked or in danger. He has a mysterious background and a connection to the demon king he defeated. He also has a special ability called the Soul Eye, which allows him to see through illusions and manipulate souls.

Sun Rong

Sun Rong is the female lead of the anime. She is a cheerful and energetic girl who has a crush on Wang Ling and is also a talented cultivator. She is very friendly and outgoing, but she also has a stubborn and naive side. She is very loyal and supportive of Wang Ling, even though she does not know his true identity. She often tries to get closer to him and make him happy, but she also respects his privacy and wishes. She has a special ability called the Sunflower, which allows her to absorb sunlight and use it as a weapon or a healing tool.

Chen Chao

Chen Chao is Wang Ling's best friend and classmate. He is a loyal and humorous guy who is good at hacking and making vitality pills. He is very curious and adventurous, but he also tends to get into trouble and cause chaos. He is very fond of Wang Ling and admires his abilities, even though he does not know the full extent of them. He often helps Wang Ling with his problems and joins him in his adventures. He has a special ability called the Pill Master, which allows him to create various types of pills that have different effects.

Guo Hao

Guo Hao is Wang Ling's classmate and rival. He is a rich and arrogant boy who often competes with Chen Chao and looks down on others. He is very proud of his cultivation skills and his family background, but he also has a hidden insecurity and jealousy. He dislikes Wang Ling and tries to expose his secrets or humiliate him, but he always fails miserably. He has a special ability called the Golden Body, which allows him to enhance his physical strength and defense.

He Bufeng

He Bufeng is Wang Ling's enemy and nemesis. He is a mysterious and powerful cultivator who belongs to the Shadow Faction, a secret organization that opposes the Cultivation Alliance. He has a cold and ruthless personality, but he also has a twisted sense of honor and justice. He wants to challenge Wang Ling and prove himself as the strongest cultivator in the world, but he also respects Wang Ling's potential and talent. He has a special ability called the Shadow Blade, which allows him to create sharp blades from shadows.

The Episodes of Daily Life of the Immortal King S1

The first season of Daily Life of the Immortal King has 15 episodes that are about 18 minutes long each. Here is a brief summary of each episode:



Main Events


The Strongest Cultivator in History

Wang Ling defeats the demon king at age 6; Wang Ling enrolls in Zhen Qi High School; Wang Ling meets Sun Rong; Wang Ling saves Chen Chao from Guo Hao; Wang Ling passes the entrance exam with ease.


The First Day of School

Wang Ling meets his homeroom teacher Li Shanli; Wang Ling joins the school's online forum; Wang Ling attends his first class; Wang Ling meets He Bufeng; Wang Ling fights with He Bufeng.


The School's Top Beauty

Sun Rong confesses her feelings to Wang Ling; Wang Ling rejects Sun Rong; Sun Rong follows Wang Ling home; Sun Rong meets Wang Ming, Wang Ling's father; Sun Rong stays over at Wang Ling's house.


The School's Top Hacker

Chen Chao hacks into the school's system; Chen Chao reveals Guo Hao's cheating; Chen Chao gets caught by Guo Hao's father; Chen Chao escapes with Wang Ling's help; Chen Chao becomes friends with Wang Ling.


The School's Top Pill Master

Chen Chao makes vitality pills for Wang Ling; Chen Chao sells pills to other students; Chen Chao gets into trouble with the school's security; Chen Chao reveals his past and his family; Chen Chao shows his gratitude to Wang Ling.


The School's Top Beauty's Secret

Sun Rong reveals her true identity as a princess of the Sunflower Sect; Sun Rong explains her mission to find the Sunflower Seed; Sun Rong asks Wang Ling to help her; Sun Rong demonstrates her Sunflower ability; Sun Rong and Wang Ling go to the library to look for clues.


The School's Top Beauty's Crisis

Sun Rong gets kidnapped by a mysterious man; Wang Ling tracks down the kidnapper; Wang Ling rescues Sun Rong; Wang Ling fights with the kidnapper, who is revealed to be He Bufeng's subordinate; Wang Ling and Sun Rong escape from He Bufeng.


The School's Top Hacker's Challenge

Chen Chao challenges Guo Hao to a hacking contest; Chen Chao hacks into Guo Hao's computer and exposes his secrets; Guo Hao retaliates by hacking into Chen Chao's computer and threatening him; Wang Ling intervenes and hacks into both of their computers and stops them; Wang Ling teaches them a lesson.


The School's Top Pill Master's Mistake

Chen Chao makes a mistake while making vitality pills and creates a monster pill; Chen Chao tries to get rid of the monster pill, but it escapes and causes havoc in the school; Chen Chao, Wang Ling, and Sun Rong chase after the monster pill; Wang Ling defeats the monster pill with his Soul Eye.


The School's Top Beauty's Birthday

Sun Rong invites Wang Ling to her birthday party; Wang Ling agrees to go; Wang Ling buys a gift for Sun Rong; Wang Ling attends the party and meets Sun Rong's friends and family; Sun Rong thanks Wang Ling for coming and gives him a hug.


The School's Top Hacker's Discovery

Chen Chao discovers Wang Ling's online identity as the legendary hacker Zero; Chen Chao confronts Wang Ling and asks him to teach him his skills; Wang Ling denies being Zero and tries to avoid Chen Chao; Chen Chao persists and follows Wang Ling everywhere; Wang Ling finally agrees to teach Chen Chao some basics.


The School's Top Pill Master's Experiment

Chen Chao experiments with different ingredients and methods to make vitality pills; Chen Chao creates various types of pills that have unexpected effects on himself and others; Chen Chao tests his pills on Wang Ling, Sun Rong, Guo Hao, and others; Chen Chao learns from his mistakes and improves his skills.


The School's Top Beauty's ConfessionThe School's Top Beauty's Confession

Sun Rong decides to confess her feelings to Wang Ling again; Sun Rong prepares a romantic setting and a letter for Wang Ling; Sun Rong waits for Wang Ling at the rooftop; Wang Ling arrives and reads the letter; Wang Ling accepts Sun Rong's confession and agrees to be her boyfriend.


The School's Top Hacker's Betrayal

Chen Chao gets contacted by the Shadow Faction; Chen Chao is offered a large sum of money and a chance to join them; Chen Chao is tempted and agrees to betray Wang Ling; Chen Chao hacks into Wang Ling's computer and steals his information; Chen Chao sends the information to the Shadow Faction.


The School's Top Pill Master's Redemption



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