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Women Without Clothes With Men

In the movies, we often see scenes depicting a woman or a man waking up from bed with little to no piece of clothing at all. Aside from being an eye candy and the thoughts of being sexy, sleeping without clothes or having barely anything on has a lot of benefits and many scientific studies backing it up.

women without clothes with men

Although cortisol has numerous positive effects on the body, it also has some adverse reactions as well. Sleeping overheated or having to rest with a lot of clothes on can cause the body to raise its temperature, elevating cortisol levels. When there is an excess of cortisol in the body, some of its negative effects begin to appear.

Wound healing becomes much lengthier, immunosuppression can develop as a side effect and high blood pressure can appear. Those are just a few of the things that can happen to the body when there are elevated levels of cortisol present. Sleeping with no clothes on is a good practice if you want to avoid elevating cortisol levels in your body.

It is indeed a surprising fact that only 8% of people sleep naked. Sleeping naked has a ton of benefits that may astonish some individuals. For example, this habit can make you more active during the waking hours. Sleeping without clothes, believe it or not, can make your immunity to diseases and infections much higher than the average person.

All women who live on this planet have something in common, that is the human body. Our bodies are remarkable in both form and structure. Certainly, in many dreams, nudity is often presented when we are unsure about aspects of waking life. We are all naked underneath clothing. In Western society exposure of the body is often seen as an embarrassment. If we look at the history of statues, textures and ancient artwork they generally include mean and women without attire.

I will now focus on the dream interpretations of seeing women naked. It could relate to feeling vulnerable which I have already mentioned but could also represent our inner knowledge and also how we connect with others. If you see a woman without clothes in a dream then it can also mean you must accept changes in your life and become more caring. We all remove our clothes when taking a shower or bath. The context in which you saw the naked women in a dream is important. Sometimes the context of the dream can be everything. An unclothed body can also mean we are exploring all possibilities in life. Rather like a veil being removed.

If we look at how naked women were perceived in ancient Greece the leader of the Cynics was often presented nude. Nudity itself was associated with a public effort for behaviors to be accepted. During these times, it was less scandalous to be moved and is in our modern world. A very famous dream psychologist known as Sigmund Freud believed there are dreams are distant connections to the media and material that we are exposed to in daily life. It is also true to say that there has been an explosion of nudity in both political and protesting actions throughout the world. For example, the feminist group in the Ukraine known as FEMEN has often protested without clothes. My point here is that your dream could have materialized because you were exposed to nudity through the media.

Seeing a women you know naked indicates a good chance for a relationship with this person, if they are not related to you. Also, as with all nudity dreams, the feelings that are felt about the nakedness are important.

The following observations on Man without Clothes are my views on how men have been portrayed in art and photography over the centuries. I have no academic credentials in art or photography. My aim here in not to judge or condemn any man's artistic work. Rather, I am simply pointing out how artists, past and present, have dealt with sex in general and nude men in particular. -Ron

For some reason many cultures east of Greece were extraordinarily threatened by nakedness. The Hebrews considered nudity as a state of innocence from which man had fallen when he/she attempted not to be innocent. The Adam and Eve story promotes this view in the opening chapters of The Bible. The writers of those ancient religious doctrines came down hard on both man's advancement and any attempt for him to retreat to naked innocence. Man/women had to suffer, work hard, sweat a lot, and wear clothes all the while. That was the punishment for not being innocent. There is suppose to be a moral in all this, which may escape intelligent thinking, but those dedicated to cryptic creeds still shun nudity like sin.

Early Christians "cottoned" to wearing clothes. All around them they saw Roman soldiers who, when off duty in their camps or barracks, routinely wore no clothes. Additional, slaves came without clothes and were commonly seen naked in both in the markets and streets. Also, men competed totally nude in public as did the Greek Wrestlers.

In truth, the Romans stripped a man of his clothes and allowed him to die nailed nude to a cross. This was too much reality for a church dominated society. Hence, thousands of religious paintings show that death scene with a scant loincloth hiding the nudity of Jesus. Typical is The Crucifixion by Van Soest Konrad.

Since most people could not read or write in medieval Europe, art work served as their only books. Looking on a great painting or sculpture was for the average believer an entertaining, learning, and religious experience. Definitely, it was not without its sexual gratification. Modern advertising often sells its products by sexual stimuli. It is a page taken from the books of ancient artists. Suffering saints provided heavenly morals while allowing the believer to behold the earthly delights of a nearly nude body. The homoerotic needs of gay Christians have been satisfied for centuries by paintings of the sexy body shot full of arrows of a man named St. Sebastian.For the non-gay art lover, some of the sexiest paintings involved the saints and Mary. One in Madrid shows the mother of Jesus bearing her breast to an elderly holy man who looks on her pap while his hands lurks dangerously close to her celebrated virgin area. (This is painting is not shown here because the Prado Museum will not post it on the web.) Another painting shows a statue of the Virgin Mary shooting a long stream of milk from her stony breast into a saint's mouth, The Vision of St. Bernard.

Grudgingly, western culture came to acceptance of nudity as long as it was "artistic" in nature. Usually, "artistic" meant the nudes had to be ancient Greeks, Romans, or women from any time in history. Men who were in control of all powers -political, social, and religious- allowed female nude paintings and statues. Since men believed that God made women for their sexual pleasure and having babies, it was acceptable to see women without clothes in works of art. Until the coming of photography there were few if any nude males portraits to be found. Those people wanting nudes of men were either women or homosexuals, neither of which had powers to obtain them. All this was to change in the 19th Century. When a man had a camera in his hands, he did not need a brush to paint or a chisel to carve a nude man. He had only to keep the camera steady while snapping the photo, but first he had to find a willing subject.

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