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Amber Steel

Amber Steel Company was established in 1955 and has been a family owned and operated business for 64years. Servicing customers thoughout all of Southern California, Amber Steel is proud to admit to have one of the best reputations in the entire concrete reinforcing steel (rebar)industry.

amber steel

Plaintiff, a general contractor, solicited bids from defendant and other subcontractors for the installation of reinforcing steel in the construction of a waste water treatment plant in Fresno County. Plaintiff included defendant's bid in its master bid, which was ultimately accepted by the public sanitation district, the proposed owner of the plant. After defendant refused to perform in accordance with its bid on the subcontract, plaintiff brought the present action to recover $102,660 in damages for defendant's alleged breach of contract. (A second cause of action, claiming defendant's negligence in preparing its bid, was dismissed during trial and is not presently at issue.)

The allegations of plaintiff's first cause of action may be summarized: defendant submitted a written bid of $139,511 for the work; defendants gave a subsequent "verbal promise" that the work would be performed for the bid price; plaintiff "reasonably relied" on defendant's bid and promise in submitting its master bid; defendant knew or should have known that plaintiff would submit a master bid based upon defendant's bid; defendant refused to perform in accordance with its bid; plaintiff was required to expend $242,171 to perform the reinforcing steel work; as a result plaintiff was damaged in the amount of $102,660; and "Injustice can be avoided only by enforcement of defendant's promise to perform ...."

Primarily I get amber and steel. The warmth and sweetness of the amber I think is heightened by the vanilla. There does seem to be the faintest bit of spice as well. The steel for me is bright, and clean, though to emphasize not soapy. Beautiful and fairly subtle but not at all boring I think.

This smells kind of funky on me, like minty-metallic cologne mixed with herbal anise. I don't smell amber at all, and if there's vanilla in this, it's a dry and herbal sort and not really creamy or sweet. Dry wood comes through after a while, but mostly this is clean and minty-ish metallic with herbal black licorice on my skin. I don't really enjoy it at all. Light and strange.

It's very light, clean, fresh. And I think what I had identified as cumin on the tissue is actually mint! Nope, nevermind, still cumin. WTF? No, it's mint! My nose is so confused. What I can tell you is that it is not the Lab's typical metal note (like in Torture Queen or Kataniya). I don't really get the amber or wood or vanilla. What I get is a light, clean scent, plus something that smells like mint on one sniff and then smells like cumin the next. And lemon!? Is that lemon? IDFK. *gives up*. Smells...good? (Clearly I will need to re-review this once it settles and I actually try it in my hair). 041b061a72


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