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Buy Ethical Clothing

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and more and more people are trying to reduce their impact on the planet. As a result, a growing number of responsible fashion brands are starting to emerge to both meet the demand and help change the fashion industry for the better. So if you live in the USA, you might be wondering which clothing brands are doing it right.

buy ethical clothing

337 BRAND's leisurewear is designed to make you feel at ease, always. Inspired by nature, comfort, and kindness, the brand introduces effortless style clothing made from earth-friendly materials. Find the range in sizes XS-L.

ABLE is a US-based clothing and accessories brand that works with communities all over the world to make a meaningful impact, producing slow fashion that pays a living wage to women who have faced extraordinary circumstances. It uses lower-impact materials, and reuses water and materials to minimise waste. With thoughtful design and a level of quality that guarantees its products for life, its pieces aren't just an investment for your wardrobe, they are an investment in women around the world. Find the range in sizes 2XS-2XL.

FUTURA Jewelry is a New York based ethical jewellery brand. Each piece of FUTURA Jewelry is handcrafted with mercury-free 18kt Certified Fairmined Ecological gold. The brand's gold comes from the three certified Fairmined mines in the world that mine for gold without the use of toxic chemicals including mercury and cyanide.

Yes And aims to banish the stigma that sustainable fashion has to sacrifice style, quality, fit, colour, comfort, or price. With this US-based brand you can actually have it all, and more: it is certified organic, low-impact dyed, and ethically made. You can find most items in sizes XS-XL.

The Classic T-Shirt Company is a US brand that creates premium tees and ethical t-shirts with luxury and integrity. All of its products are GOTS certified organic cotton and it does not use any animal products.

Altar is a US-based boutique that specialises in alternative and custom fashion, apothecary, and gifts. The brand celebrates independent manufacturers and artists from across North America, with a focus on the stories that are woven into their work. Its clothing brand, Altar Houseline, is proudly made in America using deadstock materials.

Happy Earth Apparel is a US organic clothing brand that works to give back, inspired by nature and dedicated to preserving it. This B Corporation certified brand makes the planet a better place with every purchase. Through its partnerships with non-profits and Happy Earth ambassadors, it's planting trees, fighting climate change, and cleaning up trash.

Fair Indigo is a US-based ethical brand that creates sustainable clothing not only for the planet, but for the human beings involved in your clothing's journey from the cotton farms to your closet. Instead of racing to the bottom, it is aspiring to the top. Its premium-quality organic clothing collections are available in sizes XS to 2XL.

tonlé provides environmentally-friendly women's clothing with a zero-waste design process. To do so, the brand uses remnant fabrics from large manufacturers as well as recycled threads and reclaimed wood from local suppliers for its trim and accessories. Its range is inclusively sized from XS-3XL.

éclipse creates climate control UPF 50+ clothing essentials and accessories to help keep the whole family sunsafe. It manufactures locally to reduce its carbon footprint, and its entire product range is vegan-friendly.

Eileen Fisher creates ethical, timeless, well-made clothes designed to work together, wear effortlessly, and be part of a responsible life cycle. The brand has also made a public commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and uses eco-friendly materials. The standard range is available in 2XS-XL, with petite and plus ranges also available.

LOVETRUST is a responsible clothing brand of edgy womenswear. Created for busy people, its style is simple and modern, creating effortless, more sustainably made clothes in its SMETA-certified facilities from the finest organic cotton.

Fair Trade Winds carries some of the best fair trade fashion brands committed to creating clothing in an ethical manner. Each piece of the collection represents the hard work of the talented artisans who are working in cooperatives, becoming empowered, and improving the livelihood of their families and communities. Fair Trade Winds is a family-owned business with brick-and-mortar locations around the country in addition to an online shop.

Thought is a London-based clothing brand with a simple philosophy: to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment. This green company has developed long-lasting relationships with factories and suppliers, and it works to ensure that every team member involved is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions. Thought is one of our favorites for workwear, and also donates its production samples seasonally to support women transitioning back into the workforce.

Say hello to For Days, the future (or rather, the present) of sustainable fashion. We love this Los Angeles-based apparel brand for their sustainable clothing, but also because they are working hard to ensure garments stay out of landfills via Take Back Bags and recycling programs (customers can receive $5 of closet cash for every For Days item recycled!). Shop here for organic cotton staples for the whole family and then use a bag to send in your old garments for recycling. Oh, and shipping is carbon-neutral, of course!

Toad&Co makes apparel out of eco-conscious fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, recycled fibers, and more. Its products carry third-party certifications such as bluesign and OEKO-TEX. Through its partnership with thredUP, the brand takes back old clothing (from any brand) and gives it a second life, giving customers a Toad&Co credit in return. All of its orders are processed, packaged, and shipped by the Planet Access Company warehouse, which is an organization the brand co-founded to give employment and training opportunities to adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Let's face it fast fashion is affordable, it's why we are enticed to shop all year round for things that we don't need and ones that will fall apart after only a few wears. When it comes to sustainable fashion the price is the main deterrent to making the switch. Today, I am sharing my top places where to find Affordable Ethical Clothing On A Budget. We've come a long way and I am happy to report there are so many ethical brands to choose from.

Secondhand and thrift shopping is a great way to reduce the amount of clothing we are discarding each and every year and, curating a second wardrobe is easier than ever, so is hosting a clothing swap party, selling your used clothing online, or even thrift flipping.

Simply put, ethical and sustainable fashion is defined as clothing, shoes, and, accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects." I wrote a really long article on this subject a few weeks ago. In it, I highlight the impact of fast fashion, how to choose ethical brands that align with your values, how we can make ethical fashion more accessible, how to care for your clothes, and much more. Give it a read!

Designed in Canada Frank and Oak is an affordable sustainable clothing brand that offers fabrics that are mindfully sourced and are durable and functional, including recycled cotton, yak wool, recycled wool, hemp, and even sea wool (quality yarn made from recycled polyester and oyster shell composites).

Kotn is a Certified-B Corporation and one of the most affordable ethical fashion brands that were founded in 2015. One of the things I love most about this brand is its dedication to education in the communities they work with. They've partnered with a local NGO in Egypt to provide every child in their farming communities with safe, convenient, quality education. They also prioritized a 2:1 female to male student ratio in an effort to empower young girls to experience equal opportunity.

tentree is affordable ethical clothing at its best. In line with the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, tentree advocates for "the responsibility of business enterprises to respect human rights which include the responsibility to avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts, to address such impacts when they occur, and to seek to prevent or mitigate adverse human rights impacts that are directly linked to their operations, products or services by their business relationships".

They offer a wide range of affordable ethical clothing for nature & outdoor enthusiasts. Their clothing epitomizes what it means to be Canadian. Choose from hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL. Look for ethical backpacks, sustainable hats, and some of the best sustainable fashion for men.

If you have no idea how to curate a capsule wardrobe, look no further than Encircled. They do all of the work for you. This affordable ethical clothing brand makes versatile capsule wardrobe pieces that are 100% Made in Canada.

They are a certified B-Corporation that reduces its carbon footprint by knitting and dying over 50% of its fabric in Toronto. By making clothing right here in Canada, they can ensure better working conditions and even have an ethical supplier checklist, they visit all of their factories, but most companies don't! All of their sewing studios are less than 35km from their Toronto office, and you can see what is made in each factory too.

Their women-led team designs bi-annual collections of easy-to-wear clothing using high-quality fabrics like bamboo, organic cotton, and TENCEL. They really pay attention to the details, too: every thread, button, stitching, and fabric dyes are free of harmful substances and carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. 041b061a72


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