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Time Shift Patch V1.2 ((TOP)) Crack

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Time Shift Patch v1.2 Crack


Previous studies of Xue et al. [30] have utilized a parallel plate capacitor formed by two microstrip lines as a sensing unit. This paper presents another alternative solution to unstressed antennas, wherein the electric length of the combined radiation patch is correlated with the crack width to simplify the antenna design. Thus, the authors propose the development of a crack sensor based on a rectangular patch antenna combined with a movable radiation patch. The total length of the combined radiation patch would be altered by the relative movement between the patch antenna and the dielectric board, leading to a shift of resonant frequency in the sensing system. This chipless crack sensor can be interrogated wirelessly using a wide-band patch antenna, which can serve as both the transmitter and receiver.

where f10c is the fundamental resonant frequency in the longitudinal direction for the proposed crack sensor, Lr is the length of the radiation patch, Ls is the length of the sub-patch, and Lo is the overlapped length between the radiation patch and the covering sub-patch.

Then, the simulation of the crack sensor with the moving sub-patch is carried out. In the initial state, the overlapped length between the radiation patch and sub-patch is 0 mm. With the movement of the sub-patch, the overlapped area expanded continuously until it reached 6 mm. The induced current distribution pattern on the combined radiation patch for the fundamental mode is shown in Figure 4. The current flows from the radiation patch to the movable sub-patch.

Control joints help concrete crack where you want it to. The joints should be of the depth of the slab and no more than 2-3 times (in feet) of the thickness of the concrete (in inches). So 4"concrete should have joints 8-12' apart.

I have oak hardwood and there is an area in my living room that just a week ago is producing bubbling through the cracks. I feels like oil of some kind. It is in about a 3 foot by 3 foot section of the living room that is not near any water source. I have been here are 2 years and this is the first time its happened. But as I continued to clean the area and inspect it sometimes it is a puddle of what again appears to be an oil substance. This morning there were nickel size bubbles in the cracks of the same area.

My floors are cracking and spitting all over my house . I had laid down pile and stick flooring throw out my home and now after time l have noticed large cracks all over the place hall ways bed room and in the kitchen . What would be causing such a problem throw out my home . I am not sure how to add pictures but if you need them l can send to you so that you can see to for your self what l am talking about.


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