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Installation password for command conquer generals 2? - To install the game there is installation password asked :: Ask Me Fast

as mentioned earlier, command and conquer generals zero hour 2 is a new expansion to the previous game, which was command and conquer generals. command and conquer generals zero hour 2 is an expansion pack that was released for the xbox 360 and ps3 in august of this year. this expansion pack had an unannounced release date until about two months before its actual release date. now that the pack is out, we can expect to see what other new features it offers for gamers.

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the expansion pack also offers a new commander campaign which is set a year after the events of the original command and conquer generals game. this campaign consists of you being a general and fighting against the invading enemy forces to save your capital city. not only this but there are different types of generals that you can customize just the way you want. unlike the previous game, there are no leaders that the commander can follow which is a really cool feature. however, this is not the only new feature that the expansion pack has to offer. there are many more other features that you can look into after reading the full review of the expansion pack on our site. all the features listed here are the expansion pack, which may or may not have been implemented in the original game.

the main feature of the pack is that it offers full customization in both the appearance and mechanics of the commander. for instance, you are now able to wear different units, which was only available in the original game.

on top of all this, there is an upgraded version of the trading system, which lets you trade for items and abilities on the map. when trading, you will be given choices that you can select from to trade, and in turn, each choice costs money which you will be able to use to upgrade your commander.


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