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Moon Circle Rituals DIY

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Free Dead Or Alive (2022) 1080p

Eva (Edy Ganem) lives in some dirt poor country either in Guatemala or south of it. She has the opportunity to leave her poverty by marrying a rich handsome cartel son and live the life of luxury. She rejects the offer because she dreams of being "free" which she has not been able to define, but knows it is in America. She ends up killing a few of his hench men and is on the run. Her biological father is the Parrish priest who gets her a coyote called the Dragon (Seth Michaels) who is believed dead by the cartel. They are on their trail.The script didn't seem plausible. The acting and dialogue were bad and unrealistic.Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Free Dead or Alive (2022) 1080p



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