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DOORS Script (Statue V2) OP

The mission begins at the south dock. Speak with Paul Denton, who offers you a choice among three weapons. The GEP gun is likely the best choice because it is useful for destroying turrets, robots, and locked doors, and cannot otherwise be obtained until the third mission. The other two weapons that you may choose from (the sniper rifle and mini-crossbow) can be looted from nearby enemies in this mission.

DOORS Script (Statue V2) OP

Head for the front doors. They're locked and the camera will set off the alarm if you stand in front of it, so stay out of its line of sight and move up to the security computer to the left of the doors. Log into it with the login and password you found in the datacube (NSF001/smashthestate) and turn off the camera and unlock the doors. Smash the crate nearby for a Lockpick and enter the lobby. If you draw attention, run out again and the turret will attack anyone who follows you.

Go back to UNATCO HQ, chatting with the troopers on the way, and talk to Paul. He will praise or scold your handling of the situation depending on your actions. Continue through the front doors, talk to Private Lloyd, and enter the building. Within the HQ, you are given the introduction to your base. You can use the retinal scanner go through the door and explore the base. On level one there are two locked office doors, one to the left and one on the right. Ignore them for now.

You will need to see Joseph Manderley on level two. His office has a personal secretary, Janice Reed, who will give you the login and password to your UNATCO computer. Also, on her desk is a NanoKey, which unlocks two doors nearby, as well as a DataCube with Manderley's computer login details.

After an introduction to your superior officer, he will recommend you check in with Sam Carter in the armory (for equipment) and Jaime Reyes in Medical on level three. The doctor, Jaime Reyes, will give a brief description on how the augmentations work, and checks if you found one. On a bookshelf by Jaime's computer is a NanoKey behind a small plant, pick it up and use it to open the nearby medical closet. Inside are crates containing some medkits. Also in his office is a medbot which will heal you and install any augmentations you have found. There is also passage to level 4, a secure area.

I can be wrong but actually I think dlcs content need to be handled in FiveM Client because we can access to the content of some dlc but not all (like not all cars but still some from dlcs).Plus for the river and Liberty statue problems, it reminds me of the struggle I had trying to fix Venice beach statue. I had given up since I was unable to spawn it correctly. Then there is this recent client update that fixes the problem without having to script anything on our side

Suzume Iwato is a 17-year-old high school girl who lives with her aunt in Kyushu. One night, she dreams of searching for her mother as a child in a ruined neighborhood. The next morning, while headed for school, Suzume encounters a young man searching for abandoned areas with doors. She tells him about an old onsen resort nearby, then follows the man herself to the resort. Suzume finds a door standing alone on its frame, which shows a starlit field through the doorway which she cannot enter. She trips over a cat statue which becomes a real cat and flees. Frightened, she heads back to school. During lunchtime, Suzume notices a blaze-like column arising from the site of the onsen that nobody else can see. Returning there, she finds the man from before, trying to close the door. Seeing him struggle and get injured, Suzume rushes to help. The red column disappears, but not before crashing invisibly into the town and causing earthquake-like damage.

Suzume takes the man, Sōta Munakata, to her home to bandage his wound. He explains that he travels across Japan, finding and locking doors in abandoned places to prevent a giant supernatural "worm" from causing earthquakes. The cat from the resort appears and fuses Sōta with the child's chair he was sitting on. Sōta, now an animated chair, chases the cat to a ferry headed for Ehime with Suzume following. He describes the cat as a keystone, and that the worm was released after its removal from near the abandoned door.

After tracking Daijin to Tokyo, Sōta has Suzume take him to his apartment. He explains the myth of the worm Namazu, and how it is pacified by the placement of two keystones at eastern and western Japan. The western keystone has become the cat Daijin, while records of the eastern keystone's location are obscure. Should the worm appear in Tokyo, it could destroy the city similar to the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake. Daijin reappears and reveals that he had passed on his function as a keystone to Sōta's chair form. After finding the reemerged worm, Sōta turns into a keystone in Suzume's hands, leaving Suzume to seal it away. She wakes up in a cave housing Tokyo's doorway. Peering into the afterlife, she sees the keystone Sōta but again cannot reach him. Suzume visits Sōta's grandfather at the hospital. He explains that Suzume's ability to see the worm and the afterlife through the doors means that she had accidentally entered the realm once before. Moreover, that doorway she used is the only place where she could reenter the afterlife and save Sōta.

Shinkai and his staff planned the project from January to March 2020. They started developing the film's script in April, which is when the Japanese government declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[16][17] In an interview with TV Asahi, Shinkai mentioned that the pandemic had a less tangible effect on the film's production. However, he said that "the mood of the times is indelibly etched into the script", adding that the film will have a post-apocalyptic theme.[17] Sōta turning into a chair was in reference to Shinkai feeling trapped during the COVID-19 curbs.[12] After finishing the script in August, the storyboards were drafted from September 2020 to December 2021, while the production of the animation started in April 2021.[16] The film was officially unveiled during a press conference on December 15, 2021. The film's staff includes Masayoshi Tanaka as the character designer, Kenichi Tsuchiya as the animation director, and Takumi Tanji as the art director. CoMix Wave Films and Story Inc. were revealed as the film's producers.[16] In October 2022, Shinkai announced that production on the film was completed.[18]

The Giant has several rooms within it. The starting room is just outside the factory itself. There are two doors that leave the starting room and lead to the right or left factory rooms. Taking the left door leads to the Animal Test lab, and the right door leads to the Automobile Garage. This version of the map is covered in snow and falling snow is visible throughout the outside parts of the map.

SAFETY CURTAINA fireproof "curtain" that can be dropped downstage of the house tabs in a proscenium theatre to separate the audience from the stage in the event of fire.A Safety Curtain is required by most UK licensing authorities for theatres of traditional design. The regulations also require that it is raised and lowered at least once in view of each audience (usually during the interval). Usually made from sheet metal and electrically operated, these curtains were originally of iron construction faced with asbestos and lowered by gravity using a hydraulic damping system. Colloquially known as the "iron".Some Safety Curtains are painted - the iron at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane has a beautiful design with the text "For Thine Especial Safety".The musical Billy Elliot uses a false iron as a scenic device with a pair of doors in it, which would not be permitted for a real iron.The line on the stage where the fire curtain drops, usually a short distance from the downstage edge of the stage, is known as the FIRE CURTAIN LINE and cannot be obstructed by any fixed scenery.Also known as FIRE CURTAIN, IRON or ASBESTOS. See also DRENCHER.

Central Hall #2 - Fast travel to Central Hall, go down the stairs in front of you and then head north of the fountain. The Daedalian Key should be on your left when near the Greenhouse doors.

North of Great Hall - Fast travel to the Great Hall, then turn around and head through the big double doors and then carry on through the next big gate in front of you. A Daedalian Key will then be flying around the stairs.

During the various intervals of the game, Sam Caldwell, Nathan McNeill, Karen Howell and Gabe Weller experienced debilitating flashes that would sometimes show Marker Symbols instead of human text on the doors, in dark environments, devastated rooms or ventilation systems. In Chapter 7, Howell saw the word "UNITY" in Marker script written all over the corridor floor, walls and ceiling before meeting Lexine.

When you're done, you will be unable to backtrack to the previous zone. Although the buttons (cyan dots on map) on the north and southwest corners of the corridors are set to open both gate V and that behind it, the latter is scripted to shut down as soon as the former opens; effectively locking you in. Instead, press the push-block above Malifant's bed to trigger the trapped floor at R. Jump first on a ledge and then on the chest to minimize damage and activate the nearby push-block to open another trapped floor (R). Repeat the procedure and head for door I to Ebrocca, Fiele.

The entrance is via two locked doors (Picklock 1) at the front or a locked door (Picklock 0) at the rear. A large statue of the Mothman is next to the building. The first floor consists of the main museum area with Mothman posters on the walls, display cabinets with various junk items, and a serving desk. There is also a miniature statue of the Mothman in one of the front window display cabinets.

  • The New WarInformationIntroducedUpdate 31.0 (2021-12-15)TypeMain QuestRequirementOwn a Railjack

  • Own a Necramech

  • Completed Prelude to War

  • RewardsSirocco Amp

  • Sirocco Amp Skin

  • Nataruk

  • Rumblejack

  • A Lost Time Decoration

  • Ballas' Narmer Staff Decoration

  • The Drifter Camp Captura Scene

  • 3 Day Affinity Booster

  • 3 Day Credit Booster

  • Access to Narmer Bounties( Caliban)

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